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List of Cast and Crew




  • Robert Kositchek, my director of photography, who toughed out it from the beginning.
  • Erik Haymes, my producer, who agreed to "make a few phone calls" and at the last minute became the glue holding it all together.
  • Julie Johnsen and Natasha Espiedra, my loyal production team who tolerated my idiosyncrasies and never said "no".
  • Ron Shino who encouraged me and found amazing locations.
  • Eric Bautista, who devoted his time and talent as my sound mixer with unfailing good cheer.
  • Del Hunter-White, who helped me find and assemble this amazing group of actors.
  • Marty Meyer, Bill Meurer, and Steve Tobenkin @ Birns and Sawyer for their unfailing support.
  • Joel Ordesky @ Wexler Video, a true friend.
  • Dan McCain, Chris Burket, Simon Tam, and Haaken Sundry and Simon Tam for the use of your Red cams.
  • Lite Panels, Hollywood Rentals, Chapman - Leonard.
  • Greg Huson @ Secret Headquarters for donating post production!
  • Ron Bissland, Jim Kelly Durgin, Dennis Marrell (my script team)
  • Michael Kenner for his grip package and his friendship.
  • Mike Ferris, always my hero
  • Hercules Goes, Amy Baack, Aaron DeBacker, Anthony Kuhnz, Kevin Lipnos, Jon Salmon, Matt Taff, Any Thurlow and David Welch -future leaders in our profession.
  • Fast Eddy Gutentag
  • Boris Price, Terry Schroth, Alex Cason and Jay Nefcy, all camera pros extraordiaire
  • Harry Zimmerman, the best focus puller out there
  • Lyndel Crosley for his time, care, and knowledge about digital things
  • Mary Beth Pape for the breakfasts and the friendship